Whether you have a 10 page product or service website, a 1000 page e-commerce website or are an aspiring writer trying to find a following, spelling or grammatical errors can degrade your image and credibility, and confuse readers.

    By having an experienced eye look over your website, or new content, before the public sees it, you can avoid any embarrassing errors, ensuring your intended audience are able to get the most from your site and its content.

    I have made a number of websites of my own over the years, and have experience editing directly or through a content  management system. I have an eye for detail, for the written word and with regard to layout, functionality, and design – both on an aesthetic level and making best use of page eye scanning techniques we all commonly use when viewing online media.

    I can proof your written content ensuring accurate use of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and a consistent style, as well as ensure it, as well as the page as a whole, is laid out in a pleasing, easy to read manner (not manor, chuckle). I can also pick up on problems such as, inferior images, dead links and make suggestions for improvements to layout design, internal link structures and more if required. Whether you are starting a new site and have a lot of content that needs to be proofread, or would like a single article or product page proofread before it is published, please get in touch for a quote.

    Please note, I am not a web developer, but, I do have experience and understanding of how to edit and manage websites. Nor am I a copywriter, I will not write your content for you, but I can make it read better and ensure its accurateness, which is often vital if you have put a lot of content up at once, or copy and pasted product descriptions.