In business, the stakes can be high; losing the confidence of your reader can mean losing major customers.

    Promotional materials say as much about your professionalism, quality and expertise as your product or service itself. They’re about highlighting your brand, product or service and capturing your potential customer’s interest. Poor proofreading of your promotional materials can impact both your bottom line and your professional reputation.

    There have been various reports about the cost of errors in websites and other marketing materials, highlighted in this BBC report.

    No matter what business you’re in, accurate, well-written documents are essential. A document that exudes authority, attention to detail and trustworthiness can be just what is required to secure major investment. Sloppy or poorly written, error-strewn text, whether in a technical white paper, a tender document, a proposal or a company report, will erode the authority of the writer and undermine the confidence of the reader.