Proofreading and Copy Editing

    I offer a fully bespoke service; proofreading and copy editing to the level you require, in the style you want, ensuring your voice or message shines through. Whether you have a typed copy-only document, or a fully-designed piece of marketing material, I will ensure your work is correct, consistent, professional and well presented. No job is too big or too small.


    Proofreading is essential to ensure an accurate and error free final product. It can pick up on any embarrassing mistakes before the final copy goes to print, or is seen by the public.


    • Correcting spelling errors
    • Ensuring correct grammar use
    • Correcting punctuation
    • Ensuring consistency in language: British or American spellings
    • Ensuring consistency in tense and style
    • Ensuring continuity
    • Fact checking

    Copy editing

    Copy editing is an in-depth edit of a text. It can remove errors, improve the flow of the writing, remove any distractions, and ensure clarity.


    • Revisions and suggestions to improve flow, clarity and pace.
    • Reconstruction of poorly written sentences.
    • Ensuring consistency
    • Chapter and paragraph formatting
    • Correcting or noting any inaccuracies

    What do I work on?

    Well, almost anything really, including:

    • Novels
    • Short stories
    • Articles
    • Business marketing materials
    • Websites
    • Academic¬†papers
    • CVs and application forms

    Can’t see the service that you need? Get in touch. Chances are, I probably do that too!


    Editing digitally means that copy editing and proofreading can often be done at the same time, reducing both time and costs. By being able to offer both services, I can offer you the level of proofreading or copy editing that you need, whether it is a light proofread, a more in-depth edit, or somewhere in between.

    I usually edit on-screen using MS Word, track changes and comments, but I am happy to be flexible and work with whatever medium necessary.
    The beauty of email and the internet means that I can easily work with people from London, the rest of the UK, and even worldwide